Manchester United fires manager David Moyes

David Moyes’s short and disastrous reign at Old Trafford came to an abrupt end on Tuesday when Manchester United announced he was leaving the club following a hugely disappointing 10-month…

haile silasie

Bedele Launches First Canned Beer in Ethiopia

Source www.addisfortune.net For the first time in the country‚Äôs beer production history, Bedele has released a new pack-type for its Bedele brand ‚Äď aluminum beer cans. The 330ml aluminum beer…

Seifu Fantahun
Seifu Fantahun show
Ethiopia rail

Breakthrough in riding the rails in Ethiopia

  CNR¬†Changchun¬†uses¬†embedded¬†technology¬†transfer¬†for¬†growth¬†in¬†Africa As¬†dusk¬†falls¬†on¬†Addis¬†Ababa,¬†it¬†is¬†easy¬†to¬†spot¬†the¬†shadows¬†of¬†the¬†giant¬†cranes¬†that¬†are¬†busylaying¬†the¬†rails¬†for¬†Ethiopia’s¬†ambitious¬†light-rail¬†transit¬†system. The¬†$475¬†million¬†project,¬†being¬†executed¬†by¬†China¬†Railway¬†Engineering¬†Corp,¬†will¬†soon¬†haveChinese-made¬†trams¬†ferrying¬†passengers¬†across¬†the¬†length¬†and¬†breadth¬†of¬†the¬†Ethiopian¬†capital. The¬†tramcar¬†order¬†won¬†by¬†China¬†CNR¬†Changchun¬†Railway¬†Vehicles,¬†a¬†division¬†of¬†China¬†CNRCorp,¬†in¬†November,¬†however,¬†is¬†much¬†more¬†than¬†just¬†the¬†supply¬†of¬†41¬†trams.¬†It¬†marks¬†a¬†majormilestone¬†in¬†the¬†shipping¬†of¬†products¬†with¬†real,¬†embedded¬†technology¬†to¬†Africa,¬†sources¬†say. “It is a milestone for us as it gives us a breakthrough in the dynamic African market,” says Liu Gang, general manager of the international…

champions league semi finals 2014

Champions League: Chelsea drawn against Atletico Madrid | Real Madrid face Bayern Munich in semi-final

Chelsea have been drawn against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League semi-final, while Real Madrid face Bayern Munich. Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Jose Mourinho’s side,…

Goran Stevanovic

Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) set to appoint Stevanovic

EFF set to appoint Stevanovic Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) have made an abrupt u-turn revoking the appointment of Portuguese Mariano Barreto and in his place Serbian Goran Stevanovic is scheduled…

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Egyptian Presidential candidate hopeful Mansour ‘will declare war on Ethiopia,’ ban alcohol, social media

Source:english.ahram.org.eg Hopeful presidential candidate Mortada Mansour said he will ban Facebook and Twitter if they threaten the nation’s internal security and declare war on Ethiopia should it maintain its stance…